Widget providers


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The feature described in this topic is available in Dev Channel preview builds of Windows starting with build 25217. For information on preview builds of Windows, see Windows 10 Insider Preview.

Windows widgets are small UI containers that display text and graphics from an app or web service. The Adaptive Cards format used by Windows widgets enables dynamic binding of the data that populates the widget UI. To update your widget, your app or service will implement a widget service provider that responds to requests from the Widgets host and returns JSON strings specifying both the visual template and the associated data for your widget.

For an overview of the Windows widgets experience and design guidance for creating your own widgets, see Windows widgets.

Currently you can implement a widget provider using a packaged Win32 desktop app. Support for Progressive Web App (PWA) is planned for future releases. For more information see:

For API reference documentation for implementing widget providers, see the Microsoft.Windows.Widgets.Providers namespace.

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