In-app ads SDK


In-app ads SDK is coming later this year for apps and games built on Windows App SDK + WinUI 3 (and also UWP).

In-app ads SDK for Store developers will enable you to tap into demand from 500K+ advertisers and 80+ DSP integrations from Microsoft Advertising.

Personalized, relevant ads illustration

Personalized, relevant ads

Serve ads that align with customer interests, encourage engagement, and drive more revenue.

Control your ads experience illustration

Control your ads experience

Deploy ads in the way that works best for your audience with formats like native, display and interstitial.

Simplified setup and onboarding illustration

Simplified setup & onboarding

With no sign-up costs, exclusivity, or volume requirements, you can get started right away.

Easy payout and reporting illustration

Easy payout & reporting

Access faster payouts and real-time ad revenue data to understand your performance.

You will find complete details on the in-app ads SDK here at the time of release later this year.