Notes for certification

As you submit your app, you have the option to use the Notes for certification page to provide additional info to the certification testers. This info can help ensure that your app is tested correctly. Including these notes is particularly important for products that use Xbox Live Services and/or that require logging in to an account. If we can't fully test your submission, it may fail certification.

Make sure to include the following (if applicable for your app):

  • User names and passwords for test accounts: If your app requires users to log in to a service or social media account, provide the user name and password for a test account. The certification testers will use this account when reviewing your app.

  • Steps to access hidden or locked features: Briefly describe how testers can access any features, modes, or content that might not be obvious. Apps that appear to be incomplete may fail certification.

  • Steps to verify background audio usage: If your app allows audio to run in the background, testers may need instructions on how to access this feature so they can confirm it functions appropriately.

  • Expected differences in behavior based on region or other customer settings: For example, if customers in different regions will see different content, make sure to call this out so that testers understand the differences and review appropriately.

  • Info about what's changed in an app update: For updates to previously published apps, you may want to let the testers know what has changed, especially if your packages are the same and you're just making changes to your app listing (such as adding more screenshots, changing your app's category, or editing the description).

  • The date you're entering the notes: This is particularly important if you are using a development sandbox in Partner Center (for example, this is the case for any game that integrates with Xbox Live), since the notes you enter when publishing to a sandbox will remain when you request certification. Seeing the date helps testers evaluate whether there were any temporary issues that may no longer apply.

  • Anything else you think testers will need to understand about your submission

When considering what to write, remember:

  • A real person will read these notes. Testers will appreciate a polite note and clear, helpful instructions.

  • Be succinct and keep instructions simple. If you really need to explain something in detail, you can include the URL to a page with more info. However, keep in mind that customers of your app won't see these notes. If you feel that you need to provide complicated instructions for testing your app, consider whether your app might need to be made simpler so that customers (and testers) will know how to use it.

  • Services and external components must be online and available. If your app needs to connect to a service in order to function, make sure that the service will be online and available. Include any information about the service that testers will need, such as login info. If your app can't connect to a service it needs during testing, it may fail certification.