View product identity details

You can view details related to the unique identity assigned to your app by the Microsoft Store on its Product identity pages. You can also get a link to your app's Store listing on this page.

To find this info, navigate to one of your apps, then expand Product management in the left navigation menu. Select Product identity to view these details.

A screenshot showing the product identity section for MSIX/PWA app.

Values to include in your app package manifest

The following values must be included in your package manifest. If you use Microsoft Visual Studio to build your packages, and are signed in with the same Microsoft account that you have associated with your developer account, these details are included automatically. If you're building your package manually, you'll need to add these items:

  • Package/Identity/Name
  • Package/Identity/Publisher
  • Package/Properties/PublisherDisplayName

For more info, see Identity in the package manifest schema reference.

Together, these elements declare the identity of your app, establishing the "package family" to which all of its packages belong. Individual packages will have additional details, such as architecture and version.

Additional values for package family

The following values are additional values that refer to your app's package family, but are not included in your manifest.

The direct link to your app's page can be shared to help your customers find the app in the Store. This link is in the format<your app's Store ID>. When a customer clicks this link, it opens the web-based listing page for your app. On Windows devices, the Store app will also launch and display your app's listing.

Your app's Store ID is also shown in this section. This Store ID can be used to generate Store badges or otherwise identify your app.

The Store protocol link can be used to link directly to your app in the Store without opening a browser, such as when you are linking from within an app. For more info, see Link to your app.