Windows UI Library 2.3

WinUI 2.3 is the January 2020 release of the Windows UI Library (WinUI).

The Windows UI Library (WinUI) is hosted on GitHub where we encourage you to file bug reports, feature requests and community code contributions.

WinUI Releases: GitHub release page

WinUI packages can be added to Visual Studio projects through the NuGet package manager. For more information, see Getting Started with the Windows UI Library.

NuGet package download: Microsoft.UI.Xaml

New Features

Progress Bar Visual Refresh

The ProgressBar has two different visual represetations.

Indeterminate Progress Bar

Shows that a task is ongoing, but doesn't block user interaction.

Indeterminate Progress Bar

Determinate Progress Bar

Shows how much progress has been made on a known amount of work.

Determinate Progress Bar

Doc link

Sample link


A NumberBox represents a control that can be used to display and edit numbers. This supports validation, increment stepping, and computing inline calculations of basic equations, such as multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction.


Doc and sample link


RadioButtons is a new container control that enables you to create related groups of RadioButton elements easily, while also correctly supporting keyboarding and narrator/screen reader functionality

Screenshot of three radio buttons with the third one selected.

Doc and sample link



For more info, design guidance, and code examples, see Design and code Windows apps.

The WinUI 3 Gallery and WinUI 2 Gallery apps include interactive examples of most WinUI 3 and WinUI 2 controls, features, and functionality.

If installed already, open them by clicking the following links: WinUI 3 Gallery or WinUI 2 Gallery.

If they are not installed, you can download the WinUI 3 Gallery and the WinUI 2 Gallery from the Microsoft Store.

You can also get the source code for both from GitHub (use the main branch for WinUI 3 and the winui2 branch for WinUI 2).


How-to articles for Windows UI Library controls are included with the Universal Windows Platform controls documentation.

API reference docs are located here: Windows UI Library APIs.