Policy CSP - NewsAndInterests


Scope Editions Applicable OS
✅ Device
❌ User
✅ Pro
✅ Enterprise
✅ Education
✅ Windows SE
✅ IoT Enterprise / IoT Enterprise LTSC
✅ Windows 11, version 21H2 [10.0.22000] and later

This policy specifies whether the widgets feature is allowed on the device.

Widgets will be turned on by default unless you change this in your settings.

If you turned this feature on before, it will stay on automatically unless you turn it off.

This policy applies to the entire widgets experience, including content on the taskbar.

Description framework properties:

Property name Property value
Format int
Access Type Add, Delete, Get, Replace
Default Value 1

Allowed values:

Value Description
0 Not allowed.
1 (Default) Allowed.

Group policy mapping:

Name Value
Name AllowNewsAndInterests
Friendly Name Allow widgets
Location Computer Configuration
Path Windows Components > Widgets
Registry Key Name SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Dsh
Registry Value Name AllowNewsAndInterests
ADMX File Name NewsAndInterests.admx

Policy configuration service provider