SurfaceDialTextbox XAML Property


These extensions have been moved to a different class and refactored with breaking changes, please refer to docs page for the TextBoxExtensions type.

The SurfaceDialTextbox XAML Property adds features from the Surface Dial control to a numeric TextBox. This enables you to modify the content of the TextBox when rotating the Surface Dial (increasing or decreasing the value) and optionally go to the next focus element by tapping the Surface Dial click button.


<Page ...

<TextBox Width="106"
          Text="0" />  

Example Image

SurfaceDialTextbox animation

Attached Properties

Property Type Description
EnableHapticFeedback bool A flag to enable or disable haptic feedback when rotating the dial for the give TextBox. This is enabled by default
EnableMinMaxValue bool EnableMinMax limits the value in the textbox to your spesificed Min and Max values, see the other properties
EnableTapToNextControl bool TapToNext is a feature you can set to automatically try to focus the next focusable element from the Surface Dial enabled TextBox. This is on dy default
ForceMenuItem bool If you provide the Controller yourself, set this to true so you won't add new menu items
Icon RadialControllerMenuKnownIcon Set the default icon of the menu item that gets added. A user will most likely not see this. Defaults to the Ruler icon
MaxValue double Sets the maxium value the TextBox can have when modifying it using a Surface Dial. Default is 100.0
MinValue double Sets the minimum value the TextBox can have when modifying it using a Surface Dial. Default is -100.0
StepValue double The amount the TextBox will be modified for each rotation step on the Surface Dial


StepValue and ForceMenuItem are mandatory fields


Property Type Description
static Controller RadialController Gets or sets the controller for the Surface Dial. The RadialController can be set from your app logic in case you use Surface Dial in other custom cases than on a TextBox. This helper class will do everything for you, but if you want to control the Menu Items and/or wish to use the same Surface Dial insta This is the property for the static controller so you can access it if needed.
static IsSupported bool Gets a value indicating whether this attached proeprty is supported

Sample Project

SurfaceDialTextbox Sample Page. You can see this in action in the Windows Community Toolkit Sample App.


Device family Universal, 10.0.16299.0 or higher
Namespace Microsoft.Toolkit.Uwp.UI.Extensions
NuGet package Microsoft.Toolkit.Uwp.UI