LoginButton XAML Control

The LoginButton is both a button and flyout control to facilitate Microsoft identity platform authentication. It provides two states:

  • When the user is not signed in, the control is a simple button to initiate the sign in process.
  • When the user is signed in, the control displays the current signed in user name, profile image, and email. When clicked, a flyout is opened with a command to sign out.

Available in the CommunityToolkit.Graph.Uwp package.


<Grid xmlns:controls="using:CommunityToolkit.Graph.Uwp.Controls">
    <controls:LoginButton />

Sample Output

LoginButton Control


Property Type Description
UserDetails User Gets or sets details about this person retrieved from the graph or provided by the developer.
IsLoading bool Indicates if the control is loading and hasn't established a sign-in state.


Events Description
LoginInitiated The user clicked the sign in button to start the login process.
LoginCompleted The login process was successful and the user is now signed in.
LoginFailed The user canceled the login process or was unable to sign in.
LogoutInitiated The user started to logout.
LogoutCompleted The user signed out.