(Preview) PersonView XAML Control

The PersonView control is used to display a person or contact by using their photo, name, and/or email address.

Available in the CommunityToolkit.Graph.Uwp package.


<Grid xmlns:controls="using:CommunityToolkit.Graph.Uwp.Controls">
    <controls:PersonView PersonQuery="me" PersonViewType="OneLine" />

Sample Output

PersonView Control


Property Type Description
Initials string Gets the generated initials for the person.
IsLargeImage bool Value indicating if the image/circle size should be larger.
PersonDetails Person Details about this person retrieved from the graph or provided by the developer.
PersonQuery string Automatically retrieve data on the specified query from the graph. Use 'me' to retrieve info about the current user. Otherwise, it's best to use an e-mail address as a query.
PersonViewType PersonViewType Value indicating what type of details should be displayed: Avatar, OneLine, TwoLine
UserId string Gets or sets the UserId of the displayed person.
UserPhoto BitmapImage Gets or sets the displayed photo.