Weibo Service


(This API will be removed in the future.)

The Weibo Service allows users to retrieve or publish data to Weibo. Visit to create a new app or manage existing apps.

App Setup

Go to 我的应用(my apps) and select your app. Then click the 应用信息(app info) tab on the left sidebar you will be able to find the following fields:

App Key Copy this from the 应用基本信息(basic information) section on your application page.

App Secret Copy this from the 应用基本信息(basic information) section on your application page.

Secure Domains Due to the restriction by Weibo API, a status you post must include a url which starts with "http"/"https". You can add a url to the list of secure domains in the 应用基本信息(basic information) section on your application page.

Redirect URI Enter a unique URI for your application. This must match the Redirect URL field in the OAuth2.0 授权设置(OAuth 2.0 Authorization Settings) section on the 高级信息(advanced Info) page. You can visit the page by clicking on the left sidebar. Example: - (this does not have to be a working URL)


// Initialize service
WeiboService.Instance.Initialize(AppKey, AppSecret, RedirectUri);

// Login to Weibo
if (!await WeiboService.Instance.LoginAsync())

// Get current user info
var user = await WeiboService.Instance.GetUserAsync();

// Get user timeline
ListView.ItemsSource = await WeiboService.Instance.GetUserTimeLineAsync(user.ScreenName, 50);

// Post a status
await WeiboService.Instance.PostStatusAsync(StatusText.Text);

// Post a status with a picture
await WeiboService.Instance.PostStatusAsync(StatusText.Text, stream);

' Initialize service
WeiboService.Instance.Initialize(AppKey, AppSecret, RedirectUri)

' Login to Weibo
If Not Await WeiboService.Instance.LoginAsync() Then
End If

' Get current user info
Dim user = Await WeiboService.Instance.GetUserAsync()

' Get user timeline
ListView.ItemsSource = Await WeiboService.Instance.GetUserTimeLineAsync(user.ScreenName, 50)

' Post a status
Await WeiboService.Instance.PostStatusAsync(StatusText.Text)

' Post a status with a picture
Await WeiboService.Instance.PostStatusAsync(StatusText.Text, stream)


Methods Return Type Description
Initialize(string, string, string, IAuthenticationBroker, IPasswordManager, IStorageManager) bool Initialize underlying provider with relevant token information.
LoginAsync() Task<bool> Log user in to Weibo.
GetUserAsync(string) Task<WeiboUser> Retrieve user data.
GetUserTimeLineAsync(string, int) Task<IEnumerable<WeiboStatus>> Retrieve user timeline data.
PostStatusAsync(string) Task<WeiboStatus> Post a status.
PostStatusAsync(string, Stream) Task<WeiboStatus> Post a status with a picture.

Sample Project

Weibo Service Sample Page Source. You can see this in action in the Windows Community Toolkit Sample App.


Device family Universal, 10.0.16299.0 or higher
Namespace Microsoft.Toolkit.Uwp.Services
NuGet package Microsoft.Toolkit.Uwp.Services