Some East Asian IME software input panels now send vKey


Clients - Windows 8.1 Servers - Windows Server 2012 R2


In Windows 8, if one of the East Asian IMEs is selected, pressing a software input panel key did not send vKeys.

In Windows 8.1, vKeys are sent for the following configurations:

Language IME Windows Store Desktop
Simplified Chinese Microsoft Pinyin, Microsoft Wubi Yes Yes
Traditional Chinese Microsoft Changlie, Microsoft Quick Yes Yes
Traditional Chinese Microsoft Bopomofo No No
Korean Microsoft IME Yes No
Japanese Microsoft IME No No


If the user chooses an IME that does not send vKeys, vKey-triggered functions do not work.


Applications that do not use one of the above IME configurations must be designed so that users can complete the desired task without using functions that require vKeys.

If the user chooses an IME that does send vKeys, but the application was designed without that expectation, the application must be changed to recognize which version of Windows is running and respond accordingly.