HTML font fallback behavior


Clients - Windows 8.1 Servers - Windows Server 2012 R2


Microsoft is updating the logic for UI fonts for several languages in Windows Store apps using HTML. Rather than using a single font for all languages, the UI font will now be determined on a per language basis. For example, UI fonts for Japanese will now be Meiryo UI in apps that use HTML.


Apps that depended on an old font may look different; while your app appearance will be improved overall thanks to more readable fonts, there could be an issue with layouts that depend on pixel-perfect content sizes. For example, some lines of content may be bigger than they were previously, causing unexpected line breaks and/or resizing of container elements. However, in practice we haven’t noticed any issues with any existing apps.


Affected apps can mitigate this behavior by specifying a given font via CSS (for example, “font-family: Meiryo UI”) instead of relying on the old default fonts. The following table provides the UI font for each of the script names.

Script Name UI Font
Arabic Segoe UI
Armenian Segoe UI
Bengali Nirmala UI
Bopomofo Microsoft JhengHei UI
Braille Segoe UI Symbol
Buginese Leelawadee UI
Canadian Syllabics Gadugi
Cherokee Gadugi
Coptic Segoe UI Symbol
Han (Simplified) Microsoft YaHei UI
Han (Traditional) Microsoft JhengHei UI
Cyrillic Segoe UI
Devanagari Nirmala UI
Deseret Segoe UI Symbol
Ethiopic Ebrima
Georgian Segoe UI
Glagolitic Segoe UI Symbol
Gothic Segoe UI Symbol
Greek Segoe UI
Gujarati Nirmala UI
Gurmukhi Nirmala UI
Hebrew Segoe UI
Old Italic Segoe UI Symbol
Javanese Javanese Text
Japanese Meiryo UI
Kannada Mirmala UI
Khmer Leelawadee UI
Korean Malgun Gothic
Lao Leelawadee
Latin Segoe UI
Malayalam Nirmala UI
Mongolian Mongolian Baiti
Myanmar Myanmar Text
N'Ko Ebrima
Ogham Segoe UI Symbol
Ol Chiki Nirmala UI
Old Turkic Segoe UI Symbol
Oriya Nirmala UI
Osmanya Ebrima
Phags-pa Microsoft PhagsPa
Runic Segoe UI Symbol
Sora Sompeng Nirmala UI
Sinhala Nirmala UI
Syriac Estrangelo Edessa
Tai Le Microsoft Tai Le
New Tai Lue Microsoft New Tai Lue
Tamil Nirmala UI
Telugu Nirmala UI
Tifinagh Ebrima
Thaana MV Boli
Thai Leelawadee UI
Tibetan Microsoft Himalaya
Vai Ebrima
Yi Microsoft Yi Baiti