Microsoft Platform Ready Test Tool


Servers – Windows Server 2012 | Windows Server 2012 R2


The Microsoft Platform Ready (MPR) Test Tool is used for platform application readiness and to validate compliance with certification requirements for Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2012 R2 applications.

Microsoft strongly encourages incorporating the MPR Test Tool into the software build and test processes, thereby ensuring platform readiness before applications are released to market. The MPR Test Tool is also a recommended tool to test line of business applications and for evaluating server products for their platform compatibility before making purchasing decisions.


The MPR Test Tool includes automated tests for:

  • Windows Installer
  • Setup and Primary Functionality
  • Drivers and Security
  • Best Practices

Self-testing and submission of results for most Server apps should take 2 hours or less; more complex apps can take around 4 hours. All drivers must separately pass Windows Hardware Certification testing and be signed by Microsoft for Windows Server 2012.


To test your apps:

  1. Install the latest Windows Server 2012 minimum configuration (Full Server GUI, Minimal Server Interface, or Server Core) as required for your app.
  2. Review the certification requirements.
  3. On a clean system, run the MPR Test Tool in either full UI mode or command line mode.
  4. Complete the self-guided testing process.
  5. Review results and fix your app as required.
  6. Sign-in and upload successful results to Microsoft Platform Ready portal for listing in Windows Server Catalog and usage of the logo.