Update Compliance was retired on March 31, 2023 and the service has been removed. Update Compliance has been replaced by Windows Update for Business reports. Support for Update Compliance ended on March 31, 2023.

WaaSDeploymentStatus records track a specific update's installation progress on a specific device. Multiple WaaSDeploymentStatus records can exist simultaneously for a given device, as each record is specific to a given update and its type. For example, a device can have both a WaaSDeploymentStatus tracking a Windows Feature Update, and one tracking a Windows Quality Update, at the same time.

Field Type Example Description
Computer string JohnPC-Contoso User or Organization-provided device name. If this appears as '#', then Device Name may not be sent through telemetry. To enable Device Name to be sent with telemetry, see Enroll devices in Update Compliance.
ComputerID string g:6755412281299915 Microsoft Global Device Identifier. This is an internal identifier used by Microsoft. A connection to the end-user managed service account is required for this identifier to be populated; no device data will be present in Update Compliance without this identifier.
DeferralDays int 0 The deferral policy for this content type or UpdateCategory (Windows Feature or Quality).
DeploymentError string Disk Error A readable string describing the error, if any. If empty, there's either no string matching the error or there's no error.
DeploymentErrorCode int 8003001E Microsoft internal error code for the error, if any. If empty, there's either no error or there's no error code, meaning that the issue raised doesn't correspond to an error, but some inferred issue.
DeploymentStatus string Failed The high-level status of installing this update on this device. Possible values are:
  • Update completed: Device has completed the update installation.
  • In Progress: Device is in one of the various stages of installing an update, detailed in DetailedStatus.
  • Deferred: A device's deferral policy is preventing the update from being offered by Windows Update.
  • Canceled: The update was canceled.
  • Blocked: There's a hard block on the update being completed. This could be that another update must be completed before this one, or some other task is blocking the installation of the update.
  • Unknown: Update Compliance generated WaaSDeploymentStatus records for devices as soon as it detects an update newer than the one installed on the device. Devices that haven't sent any deployment data for that update will have the status Unknown.
  • Update paused: Devices are paused via Windows Update for Business Pause policies, preventing the update from being offered by Windows Update.
  • Failed: Device encountered a failure in the update process, preventing it from installing the update. This may result in an automatic retry in the case of Windows Update, unless the DeploymentError indicates the issue requires action before the update can continue.
  • Progress stalled: The update is in progress, but has not completed over a period of 7 days.
  • DetailedStatus string Reboot required A detailed status for the installation of this update on this device. Possible values are:
  • Not Started: Update hasn't started because the device isn't targeting the latest 2 builds
  • Update deferred: When a device's Windows Update for Business policy dictates the update is deferred.
  • Update paused: The device's Windows Update for Business policy dictates the update is paused from being offered.
  • Update offered: The device has been offered the update, but hasn't begun downloading it.
  • Pre-Download tasks passed: The device has finished all necessary tasks prior to downloading the update.
  • Compatibility hold: The device has been placed under a compatibility hold to ensure a smooth feature update experience and won't resume the update until the hold has been cleared. For more information, see Feature Update Status report.
  • Download started: The update has begun downloading on the device.
  • Download Succeeded: The update has successfully completed downloading.
  • Pre-Install Tasks Passed: Tasks that must be completed prior to installing the update have been completed.
  • Install Started: Installation of the update has begun.
  • Reboot Required: The device has finished installing the update, and a reboot is required before the update can be completed.
  • Reboot Pending: The device has a scheduled reboot to apply the update.
  • Reboot Initiated: The scheduled reboot has been initiated.
  • Commit: Changes are being committed post-reboot. This is another step of the installation process.
  • Update Completed: The update has successfully installed.
  • ExpectedInstallDate datetime 3/28/2020, 1:00:01.318 PM Rather than the expected date this update will be installed, this should be interpreted as the minimum date Windows Update will make the update available for the device. This takes into account Deferrals.
    LastScan datetime 3/22/2020, 1:00:01.318 PM The last point in time that this device sent Update Session data.
    OriginBuild string 18363.719 The build originally installed on the device when this Update Session began.
    OSBuild string 18363.719 The build currently installed on the device.
    OSRevisionNumber int 719 The revision of the OSBuild installed on the device.
    OSServicingBranch string Semi-Annual The Servicing Branch or Servicing Channel the device is on. Dictates which Windows updates the device receives and the cadence of those updates.
    OSVersion string 1909 The version of Windows 10. This typically is of the format of the year of the version's release, following the month. In this example, 1909 corresponds to 2019-09 (September). This maps to the Major portion of OSBuild.
    PauseState string NotConfigured The on-client Windows Update for Business Pause state. Reflects whether or not a device has paused Feature Updates.
  •  Expired: The pause period has expired.
  •  NotConfigured: Pause isn't configured.
  •  Paused: The device was last reported to be pausing this content type.
  •  NotPaused: The device was last reported to not have any pause on this content type.
  • RecommendedAction string The recommended action to take in the event this device needs attention, if any.
    ReleaseName string KB4551762 The KB Article corresponding to the TargetOSRevision, if any.
    TargetBuild string 18363.720 The target OSBuild, the update being installed or considered as part of this WaaSDeploymentStatus record.
    TargetOSVersion string 1909 The target OSVersion.
    TargetOSRevision int 720 The target OSRevisionNumber.
    TimeGenerated datetime 3/22/2020, 1:00:01.318 PM A DateTime corresponding to the moment Azure Monitor Logs ingested this record to your Log Analytics workspace.
    UpdateCategory string Quality The high-level category of content type this Windows Update belongs to. Possible values are Feature and Quality.
    UpdateClassification string Security Similar to UpdateCategory, this more specifically determines whether a Quality update is a security update or not.
    UpdateReleasedDate datetime 3/22/2020, 1:00:01.318 PM A DateTime corresponding to the time the update came available on Windows Update.