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This topic describes how to submit problems with a Windows 10 upgrade to Microsoft using the Windows 10 Feedback Hub.

About the Feedback Hub

The Feedback Hub app lets you tell Microsoft about any problems you run in to while using Windows 10 and send suggestions to help us improve your Windows experience. Previously, you could only use the Feedback Hub if you were in the Windows Insider Program. Now anyone can use this tool. You can download the Feedback Hub app from the Microsoft Store here.

The Feedback Hub requires Windows 10. If you're having problems upgrading from an older version of Windows to Windows 10, you can use the Feedback Hub to submit this information. However, you must collect the log files from the legacy operating system and then attach these files to your feedback using a device that is running Windows 10. If you're upgrading to Windows 10 from a previous version of Windows 10, the Feedback Hub will collect log files automatically.

Submit feedback

To submit feedback about a failed Windows 10 upgrade, select the following link: Feedback Hub

The Feedback Hub will open.

  • Under Tell us about it, and then under Summarize your issue, type Upgrade failing.
  • Under Give us more detail, provide additional information about the failed upgrade, such as:
    • When did the failure occur?
      • Were there any reboots?
      • How many times did the system reboot?
    • How did the upgrade fail?
      • Were any error codes visible?
      • Did the computer fail to a blue screen?
      • Did the computer automatically rollback or did it hang, requiring you to power cycle it before it rolled back?
  • Additional details
    • What type of security software is installed?
    • Is the computer up to date with latest drivers and firmware?
    • Are there any external devices connected?
  • If you used the link above, the category and subcategory will be automatically selected. If it isn't selected, choose Install and Update and Windows Installation.

You can attach a screenshot or file if desired. This is optional, but can be helpful when diagnosing your upgrade issue. The location of these files is described here: Windows Setup log files and event logs.

Select Submit to send your feedback.

See the following example:

feedback example.

After you select Submit, that's all you need to do. Microsoft will receive your feedback and begin analyzing the issue. You can check on your feedback periodically to see what solutions have been provided.

After your feedback is submitted, you can email or post links to it by opening the Feedback Hub, clicking My feedback at the top, clicking the feedback item you submitted, clicking Share, then copying the short link that is displayed.


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