Submit a tenant enrollment support request

If you need more assistance with tenant enrollment, you can submit support requests to the Windows Autopatch Service Engineering Team in the Windows Autopatch enrollment tool.


After you've successfully enrolled your tenant, this feature will no longer be accessible. You must submit a support request through the Tenant administration menu.

To submit a new tenant enrollment support request:

  1. Go to Management settings > View details > select a readiness check result. The Contact Support button will be available below remediation instructions in the fly-in-pane.
  2. Enter your question(s) and/or a description of the issue.
  3. Enter your primary contact information. Windows Autopatch will work directly with the contact listed to resolve the support request.
  4. Review all the information for accuracy.
  5. Select Create.

Manage an active tenant enrollment support request

The primary contact for the support request will receive email notifications when a case is created, assigned to a service engineer to investigate, and mitigated.

If you have a question about the case, the best way to get in touch is to reply directly to one of the emails. If we have questions about your request or need more details, we'll email the primary contact listed in the support request.

To view all your active tenant enrollment support requests:

  1. Sign into the Intune admin center and navigate to the Tenant Administration menu.
  2. In the Windows Autopatch section, select Tenant Enrollment.
  3. Select the Support history tab. You can view the list of all support cases, or select an individual case to view the details.