Minimum System Requirements for Windows IoT Enterprise


This specification defines the minimum hardware requirements necessary to:

  • Boot and run Windows IoT Enterprise.
  • Update and service Windows IoT Enterprise.

The goal of this specification is to enable OEMs, ODMs, SoC vendors, and other component vendors to make early design decisions for devices and computers that run Windows IoT Enterprise.

This specification doesn't provide compatibility and certification requirements for devices and computers that run Windows IoT Enterprise or implementation guidance for exceptional user experiences.

Preferred Minimum Requirements

The Windows IoT Enterprise preferred minimum requirements match the requirements for consumer general purpose devices where optimal performance and compatibility are required. Windows IoT Enterprise based devices have some flexibility from this system requirements bar for specialized devices. You must carefully consider deviating from this bar when producing specialized devices where software can be added to the device by the end customer. As an example, not offering a TPM can affect software that the end user would require, whereas using different storage devices typically only affect read and write performance. To enable Microsoft Security best practices out of the box, please refer to Edge Secured-core minimum requirements.

Optional Minimum Requirements

The Windows IoT Enterprise optional minimum requirements are provided for device makers to use when building a specialized device, which provides a curated "appliance like" experience. Some of these optional minimum requirements, such as a lower storage requirement, require extra monitoring and management throughout the lifecycle of the device to prevent storage from being fully consumed due to servicing or data file growth. It's important to fully validate the chosen configurations meet the needs of the specialized device for its lifetime before distribution.

Applies to:
✅ Windows 11 IoT Enterprise LTSC

Minimum Requirements
Minimum Requirements
Processor¹ 1 GHz, 2 Cores 1 GHz, 2 Cores
System Memory 4 GB 2 GB
Storage Size 64 GB 16 GB
Storage Type Solid‑State Drive (SSD) Solid‑State Drive (SSD)
Hard Disk Drive (HDD)
Hybrid Hard Drive (SSHD)
Flash (eMMC, SD, USB)
System Firmware UEFI BIOS
TPM TPM 2.0 Optional
Secure Boot Enabled Optional
DirectX DirectX 12 DirectX 10 / None
Display 9" diagonal
720p HD
Custom Size / Optional

¹ For more information, see Windows IoT Enterprise Supported Processors.

The use of a TPM for Windows 10 IoT Enterprise devices is determined based on the usage and security requirements of each device.

For more information, see...