Keyboard Filter

If your device is being use for a dedicated purpose, it may make sense to ensure that key combinations like 'Ctrl+Alt+Delete' do not alter the operation of the device by locking the screen or using Task Manager to close a running application. Windows IoT Enterprise provides a feature called Keyboard Filter that allows you to suppress undesirable key presses or key combinations.

Keyboard Filter Features

Keyboard Filter has the following features:

  • It supports hardware keyboards, the standard Windows on-screen keyboard, and the touch keyboard (TabTip.exe).
  • It also suppresses key combinations even when they come from multiple keyboards. For example, if a user presses the Ctrl key and the Alt key on a hardware keyboard, while at the same time pressing Delete on a software keyboard, Keyboard Filter can still detect and suppress the Ctrl+Alt+Delete functionality.
  • Supports numeric keypads and keys designed to access media player and browser functionality.
  • Can configure a key to breakout of a locked down user session to return to the Welcome screen.
  • Automatically handles dynamic layout changes.
  • Can be enabled or disabled for administrator accounts.
  • Can force disabling of Ease of Access functionality.
  • Can block physical hardware keys.
  • Supports x86 and x64 architectures.

Turn on Keyboard Filter

There are multiple ways to turn on Keyboard Filter:


Turning on an off Keyboard Filter requires that you restart your device. Keyboard Filter is automatically enabled after the restart.

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