Windows IoT Enterprise provides users with many privacy options and features.

Privacy Features

With Windows IoT Enterprise, we provide you with even more control on your data and information. Please review, Windows 10 & Privacy Compliance: A Guide for IT and Compliance Professionals for more features.

Manage your Data

Under privacy settings, you can now delete the diagnostic data your device has sent to Microsoft. You can also view this diagnostic data using the Diagnostic Data Viewer application.

End-User Privacy Policy Standard

In some cases, you may configure default settings and features on your customer system on behalf of the end-user.

However, if you turn on these settings and features by default or if diagnostics are above the basic setting, you must:

  • Notify the end-user that these features have been enabled, and provide the end-user with the link to Microsoft's Privacy Statement web page.
  • Secure consent from the relevant end user to enable such features by default (as required by applicable law).
  • Provide end-users the ability to change the Diagnostics setting back to the basic setting.
  • If you enable Microsoft Accounts and you have access to end-user data, if the end user deletes the Microsoft Account, you must enable simultaneous deletion of all the end -user's Microsoft Account data on the device.

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