Avatar controls with mouse/keyboard in 2D PC mode

There are two different control schemes for 2D PC Mode using a mouse and keyboard:

  • New PC Controls, which is the default for new accounts
  • Classic PC Controls

You can switch between New/Classic Controls by going to Menu > Settings > Input > Classic PC Controls and toggling the option on or off.

New PC controls

You have two different modes when using the New PC controls: Cursor Mode and Look Mode. Right-click on your laptop or mouse to use the Cursor/Look Toggle to toggle between the two modes.

  • Cursor Mode lets you interact with the menus. You’ll know you're in Cursor Mode when you see the AltspaceVR Logo/Menu button at the bottom left of your view:

    Cursor mode with menu

  • Look Mode lets you look around and is great if you're using a laptop trackpad. You can use Look Mode and the keyboard to look/move at the same time. You’ll know you're in Look Mode if the bottom left your view looks like the screenshot below:

    Look mode

New PC Controls for Keyboard / Mouse

Keyboard and mouse with input mappings

Classic PC controls

Mouse controls


Input Action
Right click Toggle cursor and look modes
Look mode + move mouse Rotate / pan camera to look around
Look mode + middle wheel scroll forward/back Zoom camera in/out

Menu options

Input Action
Left click (over buttons) Select button
Left click (over interactable objects) Pick up object
Left click and click (over interactable objects) Trigger object
Hold left click and release (over interactable objects) Throw object

Keyboard controls


Action Key Alternate key
Move forward W Up arrow
Move backward S Down arrow
Strafe left A N/A
Strafe right D N/A
Run forward Shift + W Shift + Up arrow
Run backward Shift + S Shift + Down arrow
Run left Shift + A N/A
Run right Shift + D N/A
"Comfort Mode" rotation left Left arrow
"Comfort Mode" rotation right Right arrow

comfort mode rotation with "rotation left" > key: left arrow and "rotation right" > key: right arrow

Menu options

Action Key Alternate key
Toggle menu Esc N/A
Toggle app fullscreen Alt + Enter N/A
Toggle microphone Spacebar Ctrl + Alt + T