Coordinate System Synchronization with Holographic Remoting Overview

Starting with version 2.7.0, Holographic Remoting supports coordinate system synchronization.

Use coordinate system synchronization to synchronize spatial data between a custom player app and a custom remote app. With coordinate system synchronization, it's possible to express spatial data within a common space even across different player and remote runtimes.

An example for the coordinate system synchronization is to align content that was rendered by the player app with the content rendered by the remote app. Furthermore, coordinate system synchronization allows the custom remote app to correctly align sensor data from the player device. Sensor data can be retrieved, for example, by HoloLens2ForCV.

In general, the coordinate system synchronization consists of two parts:

  • The player app sets and regularly updates the coordinate system (from now on, we refer to this coordinate system as the "user coordinate system").
  • The remote app gets the user coordinate system in a runtime-dependent way. With the synchronized coordinate system, both the player app and remote app can transform spatial data into a common coordinate system.


Coordinate system synchronization supports only a single coordinate system. To synchronize data from multiple coordinate systems, you can transform the data into the user coordinate system.

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