Holographic Remoting troubleshooting


This guidance is specific to Holographic Remoting on HoloLens 2 and Windows PCs running Windows Mixed Reality.

Spectre mitigated libraries not found.

Holographic Remoting sample apps have Spectre mitigation (/Qspectre) enabled in Release configuration.

If you get the vccorlib.lib cannot be opened fatal error, make sure that your Visual Studio Workload includes the Spectre mitigated libraries


The Holographic Remoting Player supports a diagnostics overlay, which can be enabled by saying Enable Diagnostics and disabled by saying Disable Diagnostics. If you have trouble with these voice commands, you can also launch the Holographic Remoting player via a web browser using ms-holographic-remoting:?stats as a URL.

H265 video codec not available

Install the HEVC Video Extensions when you want to use the H265 video codec in your remote app. If you run into issues where the codec is installed but can't be used, check out troubleshooting guide.


The following APIs are currently not supported when using Holographic Remoting for HoloLens 2 and will raise an ERROR_NOT_SUPPORTED error unless otherwise stated:





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