Unity Tutorials

HoloLens 2 user

Currently, all of our tutorials, Learn modules and sample apps are Unity or Unreal based. As we develop content for other engines and platforms, you'll find them under the relevant heading in the Table of Contents.

HoloLens 2 tutorials

The HoloLens 2 Fundamentals tutorials for Unity are designed to teach techniques and best practices for developing mixed reality applications. The tutorials are based on the Mixed Reality Toolkit 2.7 (MRTK 2.7) or later.

HoloLens 1 tutorials

MRTK3 tutorial: Aquarium

If you're brand new to MRTK3, this is a great way to start learning! The project uses a beautiful aquarium setting and guides you step-by-step through the process of creating your first MRTK3-based mixed reality application.

MRTK3 tutorial: "Zappy's Playground"

Zappy's Playground is a cross-platform sample for intermediate MRTK developers that showcases how to develop intuitive and comprehensive end-to-end experiences for mixed reality. Using the latest features from Microsoft and Unity such as MRTK3, OpenXR, XRI, ARFoundation and more, it provides a place to learn and a foundation for your own app development.

Azure Communication Services Showcase

The Azure Communication Services Showcase demonstrates how to use Azure Communication Services (ACS) within an immersive mixed reality application, running on HoloLens 2. The app uses Microsoft Graph, Azure Communication Services APIs, and MRTK3 to allow users to access their Microsoft Teams contacts and participate in calls and meetings via HoloLens 2.