Introducing MRTK for Unreal

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What is Mixed Reality Toolkit (MRTK)?

MRTK is an amazing open-source toolkit that has been around since the HoloLens was first released. The toolkit wouldn't be where it is today without the hard work of our contributing developer community.

The Mixed Reality Toolkit for Unreal (MRTK-Unreal) is a set of components, in the form of plugins, samples and documentation, designed to help development of Mixed Reality applications using the Unreal Engine. Currently, the toolkit consists of:

  • UX Tools for Unreal, which provides code, blueprints, and examples to implement UX features for Hololens 2 applications.
  • Graphics Tools for Unreal, which helps improve the visual fidelity of Mixed Reality applications while staying within performance budgets.

Take a look at MRTK's documentation on GitHub and get started with UX Tools or Graphics Tools installation guides.


We've built MRTK Unreal in a modular way, so you don't need to take every bit of the toolkit into your project. You can pick and choose the plugins you need, and add or remove them whenever you see fit. This approach keeps your project size smaller and makes it easier to manage.


Working with mobile platforms, we constructed MRTK Unreal with performance in mind. This is super important and we wanted to ensure that the tools aren't going to work against you.

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