Enterprise use cases with Windows Mixed Reality

In the last couple of years, we've seen incredible growth and innovation in the enterprise and location-based entertainment (LBE) spaces as countless virtual entertainment experiences and business solutions continue to push the envelope for what is possible utilizing virtual reality technologies.

Businesses continuously find new and exciting implementations for virtual reality technologies in practical and cost-effective solutions for challenges many industries frequently encounter. These challenges may include virtual job training and simulations, solutions for manufacturing and prototyping, and even building out virtual shopping centers for customers to visit.

This document serves as a guide to using Windows Mixed Reality for enterprise scenarios. The guidance within this space can also apply to several other scenarios not discussed here - check back regularly for the latest updates and new user scenarios!

Enterprise scenarios Description
Training and simulation Enterprises and businesses are constantly finding new opportunities to apply virtual reality technologies to improve the capabilities of their workforce. The Windows Mixed Reality platform can assist with designing, developing, and deploying immersive training and simulation experiences at scale.
Prototyping and manufacturing Businesses have been finding applications for virtual reality in the prototyping and manufacturing spaces. Virtual reality can help reduce design and alteration costs, and is especially valuable when used to examine production lines for potential hazards or risks.
Marketing and advertisement Immersive ads in virtual reality have the potential to improve a range of display ad metrics, such as generating increased engagement and interaction rates, producing higher-quality product or service impressions, decreasing bounce rates, and significantly increasing brand recognition and recallability.
Immersive shopping experiences By tapping into the strengths of what virtual reality experiences can do for consumers, businesses can significantly cut down on physical infrastructure and storefront costs while increasing accessibility to product and service offerings for potential customers.