Release notes - March 2016

Welcome to Windows Holographic, available for the first time on Microsoft HoloLens. We want to hear your feedback. Use the Feedback Hub, the developer forums and Twitter via @HoloLens.

Release version: Windows Holographic March 2016 Release (10.0.11082.1033)

What's in Windows Holographic

Try the inbox apps

  • Microsoft Edge. Modern web browser for Windows 10.
  • Settings. Check system information, connect to Wi-Fi, and connect to Bluetooth devices.
  • Holograms. Place holograms in your world, walk around them, then see and hear them from any angle.
  • Calibration. Repeat the calibration done during the out-of-box-experience whenever switching users.
  • Learn Gestures. Repeat the gesture tutorial done during the out-of-box experience.
  • Photos. See the mixed reality capture photos and videos you take with the device, then place them in world along with holograms.

To unlock the device for development, open the Settings app, go to Update & Security, switch to the For developers page, and set the developer mode toggle to on. You can also enable the Device Portal from here.

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