Input providers — MRTK2

Input providers are registered in the Registered Service Providers Profile, found in the Mixed Reality Toolkit component:

Service providers

These are the input providers available out of the box, together with their corresponding controllers:

Input Provider Controllers
Input Simulation Service Simulated Hand
Mouse Device Manager Mouse
OpenVR Device Manager Generic OpenVR, Vive Wand, Vive Knuckles, Oculus Touch, Oculus Remote, Windows Mixed Reality OpenVR
Unity Joystick Manager Generic Joystick
Unity Touch Device Manager Unity Touch Controller
Windows Dictation Input Provider None
Windows Mixed Reality Device Manager WMR Articulated Hand, WMR Controller, WMR GGV (Gaze, Gesture, and Voice) Hand
Windows Speech Input Provider None

Dictation and Speech providers don't create any controllers, they raise their own specialized input events directly.

Custom input providers can be created by implementing the IMixedRealityInputDeviceManager interface.

For more information, please see creating an input system data provider.