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Head-gaze and dwell are great in scenarios where a person's hands are busy with other tasks. The feature is also useful when voice isn't 100% reliable or available because of environmental or social constraints. MRTK's dwell examples demonstrate different types of UI components with configurable response time and visual feedback.

Please see Head-gaze and dwell guideline page for the design recommendations.

Dwell scripts

  • DwellHandler: Adds a dwell modality to the UI target.
  • DwellStateType: The states of the dwell handler.
  • DwellUnityEvent: Unity event for a dwell event. Contains the pointer reference.
  • BaseDwellPressableButton.cs : A script that triggers OnClick() event in Interactable of PressableButtonHoloLens2 prefabs.
  • ToggleDwellPressableButton.cs : This script modifies _BorderWidth property of the dwellVisualImage which is using MRTK Standard Shader.

Dwell profiles

Dwell profiles are used by the Dwell Handler to configure the various thresholds.

  • ButtonDwellProfile.asset
  • InstandDwellProfile.asset
  • DwellProfileWithDecay.asset


These prefabs are variants of the HoloLens 2 style pressable button prefabs that have additional components to support dwell interactions.

  • PressableButtonHoloLens2_Dwell.prefab
  • PressableButtonHoloLens2_32x96_Dwell.prefab
  • PressableButtonHoloLens2ToggleDwell.prefab
  • PressableButtonHoloLens2Toggle_32x96_Dwell.prefab

These prefabs have an additional backplate component QuadDwellVisual to visualize the dwell input state. It has HolographicBackPlateDwellVisual.mat material assigned. ToggleDwellPressableButton.cs updates the _BorderWidth property of MRTK Standard shader to visualize the dwell input.

Dwell prefabs structure Dwell prefabs

Example scene

You can find examples in the DwellExample scene. The example scene shows both volumetric UI examples and Unity UI examples.

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