Slate -- MRTK2


The Slate prefab offers a thin window style control for displaying 2D content, for example plain text or articles including media. It offers a grabbable title bar as well as Follow Me and Close functionality. The content window can be scrolled via articulated hand input.

How to use a slate control

A slate control is composed of the following elements:

  • TitleBar: The entire title bar on top of the slate.
  • Title: The title area on the left side of the title bar.
  • Buttons: The button area on the right side of the title bar.
  • BackPlate: The back side of the slate.
  • ContentQuad: Content is assigned as material. The example uses a sample material 'PanContent'.
Slate Structure in the Unity editor

Bounds control

A slate control contains a bounds control script for scaling and rotating. For more information on bounds control, please see the bounds control page.

Slate BB


A standard slate offers two buttons as default on the top right of the title bar:

  • Follow Me: Toggles an orbital solver components to make the slate object follow the user.
  • Close: Disables the slate object.
Slate Button


In general, the NearInteractionTouchable.cs script must be attached to any object that is intended to receive touch events from the IMixedRealityTouchHandler.

Slate Structure
  • HandInteractionPan.cs This script handles articulated hand input for touching and moving the content on the slate's ContentQuad.

  • HandInteractionPanZoom.cs: In addition to the panning interaction, this script supports two-handed zooming.

Slate Pan Zooming