MSIX support on Windows Server 2019

MSIX is now supported on Windows Server 2019 (LTSC) with the Desktop Experience. This support enables you to distribute the same MSIX packages within your enterprise on both client and server SKUs, installing via PowerShell or installing directly via the Package Manager API.


  • The Microsoft Store and the Microsoft Store for Business are not supported on Windows Server 2019. All applications must be installed using PowerShell.
  • Because Windows Server 2019 is based on Windows 10, version 1809, it supports applications that have a minimum target version of 10.0.17763 or lower.
  • The following APIs and frameworks are not available on Windows Server 2019:
    • Microsoft Advertising
    • Geolocation
    • Cortana Search
    • In-app purchase
  • The following frameworks are not installed on Windows Server 2019. It is your responsibility to make sure they are installed with your app when needed.
    • .NET runtime
    • .NET Framework
    • VCLibs
  • The following package extensions are not supported on Windows Server 2019:
    • windows.firewallRules
    • windows.appExecutionAlias
    • windows.comServer
    • windows.comInterface
    • windows.posPaymentConnector
    • windows.dataProtection


Because Windows Server 2019 with the Desktop Experience does not support all features of Windows 10 client SKUs, we recommend you test applications on Windows Server 2019 before deploying in production.