Release notes for the MSIX Packaging Tool

Version 1.2022.1101.0 - Public Version

  • Fixed a minor UI bug
  • Fixed a localization bug

Version 1.2022.1003.0

  • Added support for auto application of PSF FixUps through MPT-CLI. The following PSF FixUps will be supported - FileRedirectionFixup, RegLegacyFixups, DynamicLibraryFixup, and EnvVarFixup
  • PSF Scripts are now supported by MPT-CLI
  • Added support for new capabilities to MPT Package Editor
  • Added support for new extensions - SearchPathOverride and InstallLocalVirtualization

Version 1.2022.802.0

  • Fixed a UI bug

Version 1.2022.718.0

  • Added support for null arguments during unattended installs
  • Added support for unusual font files included in package
  • Added support for start menu shortcuts

Version 1.2022.512.0

  • fixed a localization bug

Version 1.2022.330.0

  • Added driver detection to alert user if their application contains a driver during conversion
  • General performance improvements and bug fixes