hash command (winget)

The hash command of the winget tool generates the SHA256 hash for an installer. This command is used if you need to create a manifest file for submitting software to the Microsoft Community Package Manifest Repository on GitHub.

winget hash command

In addition, the hash command also supports generating a SHA256 certificate hash for MSIX files.

winget hash msix command


winget hash [--file] \<file> [\<options>]

The hash sub-command can only run on a local file. To use the hash sub-command, download your installer to a known location. Then pass in the file path as an argument to the hash sub-command.

winget hash command help options


The following arguments are available:

Argument Description
-f,--file The path to the file to be hashed.


The options allow you to customize the hash experience to meet your needs.

Option Description
-m,--msix Specifies that the hash command will also create the SHA-256 SignatureSha256 for use with MSIX installers.
-?, --help Gets additional help on this command.
--wait Prompts the user to press any key before exiting.
--logs,--open-logs Open the default logs location.
--verbose, --verbose-logs Used to override the logging setting and create a verbose log.
--disable-interactivity Disable interactive prompts.