Quick Accent utility

Quick Accent is an alternative way to type accented characters, useful for when a keyboard doesn't support that specific accent with a quick key combo.

Please note, this utility is off by default.

How to activate

Activate by holding the key for the character you want to add an accent to, then press the Activation Key (space key or left and right arrow keys). If you continue to hold, an overlay to select the accented character between multiple characters will appear.

For example, if you want à, press and hold a then press space.

How to change the accent key

With the dialog enabled, just keep pressing your Activation Key. If you have arrows enabled, left / right, it will go to the appropriate direction.


From the Settings menu, the following options can be configured:

Setting Description
Activation key The customizable keyboard command to toggle the accent when pressing and holding a valid key.
Toolbar location Where on the screen you want the tool.