Text Extractor utility

Text Extractor is a convenient way to copy text from anywhere on your screen. This code is based on Joe Finney's Text Grab.

How to activate

With the activation shortcut (default: ⊞ Win+Shift+T), you'll see an overlay on the screen. Click and hold your primary mouse button and drag to activate your capture. The text will be saved to your clipboard.

Adjust while trying to capture

By holding shift, you will change from adjusting the capture region's size to moving the capture region. When you release shift, you will be able to resize again.

Things to note

  1. This uses OCR (Optical character recognition) to read the text on the screen.
  2. It may not be perfect so you will have to do a quick proof read of the output.
  3. The default language used will be based on your Windows system language / keyboard settings (OCR language packs are available for install).


From the Settings menu, the following options can be configured:

Setting Description
Activation shortcut The customizable keyboard command to turn on or off always on top for that window.