Deploy the AppLocker policy into production

This article for the IT professional describes the tasks that should be completed before you deploy AppLocker application control settings.

After successfully testing and modifying the AppLocker policy for each Group Policy Object (GPO), you're ready to deploy the enforcement settings into production. For most organizations, this means switching the AppLocker enforcement mode setting from Audit only to Enforce rules for a rule collection. Be sure to follow the deployment plan that you created earlier. For more info, see the AppLocker Design Guide. Depending on the needs of different business groups in your organization, you might deploy different enforcement mode settings for linked GPOs.

Understand your design decisions

Before you deploy an AppLocker policy, you should determine:

For info about how AppLocker deployment is dependent on design decisions, see Understand AppLocker policy design decisions.

AppLocker deployment methods

If you configure a reference device, you can create and update your AppLocker policies on this device, test the policies, and then export the policies to the appropriate GPO for distribution. Another method is to create the policies and set the enforcement setting on Audit only, then observe the events that are generated.

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