Windows Hello and password changes

When you set up Windows Hello, the PIN or biometric gesture that you use is specific to that device. You can set up Hello for the same account on multiple devices. If the PIN or biometric is configured as part of Windows Hello for Business, changing the account password will not impact sign-in or unlock with these gestures since it uses a key or certificate. However, if Windows Hello for Business is not deployed and the password for that account changes, you must provide the new password on each device to continue to use Hello.


Let's suppose that you have set up a PIN for your Microsoft account on Device A. You use your PIN to sign in on Device A and then change the password for your Microsoft account. Because you were using Device A when you changed your password, the PIN on Device A will continue to work with no other action on your part.

Suppose instead that you sign in on Device B and change your password for your Microsoft account. The next time that you try to sign in on Device A using your PIN, sign-in will fail because the account credentials that Hello on Device A knows will be outdated.


This example also applies to an Active Directory account when Windows Hello for Business is not implemented.  

How to update Hello after you change your password on another device

  1. When you try to sign in using your PIN or biometric, you will see the following message: Your password was changed on a different device. You must sign in to this device once with your new password, and then you can sign in with your PIN.
  2. Click OK.
  3. Click Sign-in options.
  4. Click the Password button.
  5. Sign in with new password.
  6. The next time that you sign in, you can select Sign-in options and then select PIN to resume using your PIN.