Using Outlook on the web with Windows Information Protection (WIP)

Applies to:

  • Windows 10, version 1607 and later

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Because Outlook on the web can be used both personally and as part of your organization, you have the following options to configure it with Windows Information Protection (WIP):

Option Outlook on the web behavior
Disable Outlook on the web. Employees can only use Microsoft Outlook 2016 or the Mail for Windows 10 app. Disabled.
Don't configure in any of your networking settings. All mailboxes are automatically marked as personal. This means employees attempting to copy work content into Outlook on the web receive prompts and that files downloaded from Outlook on the web aren't automatically protected as corporate data.
Add and to the Cloud resources network element in your WIP policy. All mailboxes are automatically marked as corporate. This means any personal inboxes hosted on Office 365 are also automatically marked as corporate data.


These limitations don't apply to Outlook 2016, the Mail for Windows 10 app, or the Calendar for Windows 10 app. These apps will work properly, marking an employee's mailbox as corporate data, regardless of how you've configured in your network settings.