5057(F): A cryptographic primitive operation failed.

This event generates if there's a CNG primitive operation failure.

For more information about Cryptographic Next Generation (CNG) visit these pages:

This event is used for Cryptographic Next Generation (CNG) troubleshooting.

There's no example of this event in this document.

Subcategory: Audit System Integrity

Event Schema:

A cryptographic primitive operation failed.


Security ID%1

Account Name:%2

Account Domain:%3

Logon ID:%4

Cryptographic Parameters:

Provider Name:%5

Algorithm Name%6

Failure Information:


Return Code:%8

Required Server Roles: None.

Minimum OS Version: Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista.

Event Versions: 0.

Security Monitoring Recommendations

  • Typically this event is required for detailed monitoring of CNG-related actions with cryptographic keys. If you need to monitor or troubleshoot actions related to specific cryptographic keys and operations, review this event to see if it provides the information you need.