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Welcome to the UWP platform! On this page, we'll point you at the right information you need to start coding the Windows apps you want to create.

Before you begin development, you should be sure to get set up.

Learning tracks

The following learning tracks show you what you need to know to complete some basic tasks, and where you can find that info. They aren't tutorials, but they provide reference code to ensure you're on the right track.

Task Description
Construct a form Learn how to create a form that's easy to use and looks good no matter the screen size.
Display customers in a list Learn how to display and edit data in your UI.
Save and load settings Learn how and where to save and retrieve settings.
Work with files Learn how to read from and write to files, and which folders you do and don't have access to.

All our learning tracks are written for experienced devs who are getting familiar with Windows. If you're just beginning, start with our content for new developers.

For new developers

If you're a new dev, Microsoft has many resources to teach you the basics of how to use the code and tools that you'll need for Windows development.

If you want a more detailed walkthrough on the basics of coding, the C# language, Visual Studio, or the features of the Universal Windows Platform, you should check out the following resources:


Using the docs

If you've already explored our learning tracks, or if you're interested in something they don't cover, you should take your own tour through our documentation. Here's a quick overview of what you can expect to find in each area:

Area Description
What's New? Each major update of Windows sees our docs expanded with new guidance. These docs have information about the feature into and developer guidance we've added for every release, as well as lists of new APIs:
What's new for developers in Windows 11
What's new for developers in Windows 10
Design and UI All information on the visual presentation and UI of your app is contained in this area of the docs. If you're interested on the specifics of the XAML markup language or just want to create a unique look for your docs, start here:
Design basics for UWP apps
Develop apps If you want detailed information on a specific Windows feature, or are just interested in seeing what you can do with UWP development, check out this area of our docs:
UWP app features.
API reference for Windows apps is hosted in a related set of docs, which you can find here:
Windows UWP namespaces
File and XML schemas
Develop games These docs contain information on how to develop games on Windows or Xbox. This includes setup instructions, developer programs, and instructions for programming with DirectX or Xbox features.
Getting started with game development
Publish These docs contain information on how to publish your app to the Windows Store, from app submission to pricing to promotion and customer engagement:
Publish your app to the Windows Store

Other docs

Some specialized Windows platforms, like web development or Mixed Reality, have their own doc sets. If you're interested in developing an app with those features, check out their documentation:

Docs Description
Microsoft Azure Information on cloud development and Microsoft Azure can be found in the Microsoft Azure developer documentation.
Web development Information on Microsoft Edge, WebVR, and other Windows web development features can be found in the Microsoft Edge developer documentation.
Windows Mixed Reality Mixed reality blends real-world and virtual content into experiences where physical and digital objects coexists. Information on building apps for the Microsoft HoloLens and other immersive headsets can be found in the Windows Mixed Reality documentation.