Use app services and extensions

This section describes how to integrate app services into your UWP app to allow the sharing of data and functionality across apps.

Topic Description
Create and consume an app service Learn how to write a Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app that can provide services to other UWP apps and how to consume those services.
Convert an app service to run in the same process as its host app Convert app service code that ran in a separate background process into code that runs inside the same process as your app service provider.
Extend your app with app services, extensions, and packages Determine which technology to use to extend and componentize your app and get a brief overview of each.
Create and host an app extension Write and host Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app extensions to extend your app via packages that users can install from the Microsoft Store.
Create hosted apps Create a packaged component (such as an app or a script file) that behaves like a standalone Windows 10 app but requires a separate host app (a UWP or packaged desktop app) in order to execute.