Create an experiment project in Partner Center

To get started with experimentation, create an experimentation project for your app in Partner Center and define the remote variables that your app can access.

The following instructions describe the core steps to create a project. For a detailed walkthrough that demonstrates the end-to-end process of creating a project and then running an experiment, see Create and run your first experiment with A/B testing.


  1. Sign in to Partner Center.
  2. Under Your apps, select the app for which you want to create an experiment.
  3. In the navigation pane, select Services and then select Experimentation.
  4. On the Experimentation page, click the New project button in the Projects section. If you have already created one or more projects, those projects are listed in the Projects section.
  5. In the New project page, enter a name for your new project.
  6. In the Remote variables section, add the variables that you want to be available to all experiments in this project, and define default values for each variable. The default values you specify here are used for the control group of the experiments, and for any users who do not participate in the experiment.
  7. If the Remote variables section is collapsed, click Show on the section heading.
  8. Click Add variable to create each new variable that you want to be available to any experiment in this project, and type the variable name and the default value of the variable.
  9. When you are done adding variables, click Save.
  10. In the SDK integration section, make note of the Project ID value. When you code your app for experimentation, you must reference this project ID in your code so you can receive variation data and report view and conversion events to Partner Center.


You cannot edit, add, or remove remote variables while an experiment in the project is active. This limitation helps protect the integrity of the data for the control group for the active experiment.

Next steps

After you create a project, you can code your app for experimentation to start retrieving remote variable values in your app, and you can create an experiment in the project.