App submissions

Once you've created your app by reserving a name, you can start working on getting it published. The first step is to create a submission.

You can start your submission when your app is complete and ready to publish, or you can start entering info even before you have written a single line of code. Updates you make to your submission are saved, so you can come back and work on it whenever you're ready.


You must have an active developer account in Partner Center in order to submit apps to the Microsoft Store.


After submiting an app, the owner of your developer account is notified of publishing status and required actions through email and the Action Center in Partner Center. For more information about Action Center, see Action Center Overview.

After your app is published, you can publish an updated version by creating another submission in Partner Center. Creating a new submission lets you make and publish whatever changes are needed, whether you're uploading new packages or just changing details such as price or category. To create a new submission for a published app, click Update next to the most recent submission shown on its Overview page. You can also remove an app from the Store if you need to do so (and then make it available again later, if you'd like).


This section of the documentation describes how to create an app submission in Partner Center. Alternatively, you can use the Microsoft Store submission API to automate app submissions.


You can no longer upload new XAP packages built using the Windows Phone 8.x SDK(s). Apps that are already in Store with XAP packages will continue to work on Windows 10 Mobile devices. For more info, see this blog post.

App submission checklist

Here are the details that you can provide when creating your app submission, with links to more info.

Items that you are required to provide or specify are noted below. Some areas are optional, or have default values provided that you can change as desired. You don't have to work on these sections in the order listed here.

Pricing and availability page

Field name Notes For more info
Markets Default: All possible markets Define pricing and market selection
Audience Default: Public audience Audience
Discoverability Default: Make this app available and discoverable in the Store Discoverability
Schedule Default: Release as soon as possible Configure precise release scheduling
Base price Required Set and schedule app pricing
Free trial Default: No free trial Free trial
Sale pricing Optional Put apps and add-ons on sale
Organizational licensing Default: Allow volume acquisition by organizations Organizational licensing options

Properties page

Field name Notes For more info
Category and subcategory Required Category and subcategory table
Privacy policy URL Required for many apps. See the App Developer Agreement and the Microsoft Store Policies Privacy policy URL
Website Optional Website
Support contact info Required if your product is available on Xbox; otherwise optional (but recommended) Support contact info
Game settings Optional (only applicable to games) Game settings
Display mode Optional Display mode
Product declarations Default: Customers can install this app to alternate drives or removable storage; Windows can include this app's data in automatic backups to OneDrive Product declarations
System requirements Optional System requirements

Age ratings page

Field name Notes For more info
Age ratings Required Age ratings

Packages page

Field name Notes For more info
Package upload control Required (at least one package) Upload app packages
Device family availability Default: based on your packages Device family availability
Gradual package rollout Optional (for updates only) Gradual package rollout
Mandatory update Optional (for updates only) Mandatory update

Store listings

You'll need all the required info for at least one of the languages that your app supports. We recommend providing Store listings in all of the languages your app supports, and you can also provide Store listings in additional languages. To make it easier to manage multiple listings for the same product, you can import and export Store listings.

Field name Notes For more info
Description Required Write a great app description
What's new in this version Optional Release notes
App features Optional Product features
Screenshots Required (at least one screenshot; four or more recommended) Screenshots
Store logos Recommended; required for some OS versions Store logos
Trailers Optional Trailers
Windows 10 or Windows 11 and Xbox image (16:9 Super hero art) Recommended Windows 10 or Windows 11 and Xbox image (16:9 Super hero art)
Xbox images Required for proper display if you publish to Xbox Xbox images
Supplemental fields Optional Supplemental fields
Search terms Optional Search terms
Copyright and trademark info Optional Copyright and trademark info
Additional license terms Optional Additional license terms
Developed by Optional Developed by

Submission options page

Field name Notes For more info
Publishing hold options Default: Publish this submission as soon as it passes certification (or per dates you selected in the Schedule section) Publishing hold options
Notes for certification Recommended Notes for certification
Restricted capabilities Required if your product declares any restricted capabilities Restricted capabilities


For info about publishing line-of-business (LOB) apps directly to enterprises, see Distribute LOB apps to enterprises.