How to disable mouse mode

Mouse mode is on by default for all applications, which means that all applications that have not opted out will receive a mouse pointer (similar to the one in the Edge browser on the console). We strongly recommend that you turn this off and optimize for directional controller navigation.


To turn on directional controller navigation in a JavaScript Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app, use the TVHelpers directional navigation JavaScript library. Include the directional navigation JavaScript file in your app package, and add a reference to it in all of the HTML pages that require directional controller navigation:

<script src="directionalnavigation-"></script>

For more details, see the directional navigation wiki.

If you instead want to turn off mouse mode and use the DOM or WinRT gamepad APIs directly, run the following for every page that requires it:

navigator.gamepadInputEmulation = "gamepad";

This property defaults to mouse, which enables mouse mode. Setting it to keyboard turns off mouse mode, and instead gamepad input generates DOM keyboard events. Setting it to gamepad turns off mouse mode and does not generate DOM keyboard events, and allows you to just use the DOM or WinRT gamepad APIs.


To turn off mouse mode, add the following to the constructor for your app:

public App() {
        this.RequiresPointerMode = Windows.UI.Xaml.ApplicationRequiresPointerMode.WhenRequested;
        this.Suspending += OnSuspending;


If you are writing a C++/DirectX app, there's nothing to do. Mouse mode only applies to HTML and XAML applications.

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