IBackgroundCopyCallback::JobModification method (bits.h)

BITS calls your implementation of the JobModification method when the job has been modified. The service generates this event when bytes are transferred, files have been added to the job, properties have been modified, or the state of the job has changed.


HRESULT JobModification(
  [in] IBackgroundCopyJob *pJob,
  [in] DWORD              dwReserved


[in] pJob

Contains the methods for accessing property, progress, and state information of the job. Do not release pJob; BITS releases the interface when the JobModification method returns.

[in] dwReserved

Reserved for future use.

Return value

This method should return S_OK.


Your implementation may not receive all modification events under maximum resource load conditions.

BITS generates a high volume of modification events; consider creating a timer and polling for state and progress information or limiting your use of this callback. If you use this callback, keep your implementation short.

BITS does not generate a modify event when the state of the job changes to BG_JOB_STATE_ERROR or BG_JOB_STATE_TRANSFERRED.

Note  BITS supports up to four simultaneous notifications per user. If one or more applications block all four notifications for a user from returning, an application running as the same user will not receive notifications until one or more of the blocking notifications return.


See the example code for the IBackgroundCopyCallback interface.


Minimum supported client Windows XP
Minimum supported server Windows Server 2003
Target Platform Windows
Header bits.h

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