IBackgroundCopyCallback::JobTransferred method (bits.h)

BITS calls your implementation of the JobTransferred method when all of the files in the job have been successfully transferred. For BG_JOB_TYPE_UPLOAD_REPLY jobs, BITS calls the JobTransferred method after the upload file has been transferred to the server and the reply has been transferred to the client.


HRESULT JobTransferred(
  [in] IBackgroundCopyJob *pJob


[in] pJob

Contains job-related information, such as the time the job completed, the number of bytes transferred, and the number of files transferred. Do not release pJob; BITS releases the interface when the method returns.

Return value

This method should return S_OK; otherwise, BITS continues to call this method until S_OK is returned. For performance reasons, you should limit the number of times you return a value other than S_OK to a few times. As an alternative to returning an error code, consider always returning S_OK and handling the error internally. The interval at which this method is called is arbitrary.

Note that if this method fails and you called the IBackgroundCopyJob2::SetNotifyCmdLine method, the command line is executed and this method is not called again.


Typically, your implementation should call the IBackgroundCopyJob::Complete method to acknowledge that BITS successfully transferred the files. Download files and the reply file are not available on the client until you call the Complete method.

If you do not call the Complete method or the IBackgroundCopyJob::Cancel method within 90 days (default JobInactivityTimeout Group Policy), BITS cancels the job and deletes the downloaded files and reply file; job cancellation does not affect files that have been successfully uploaded.

If you want to retrieve the reply data in your callback, query pJob for the IBackgroundCopyJob2 interface and call its GetReplyData method. To retrieve the name of the file that contains the reply data, call the GetReplyFileName method.

BITS does not guarantee the integrity of the transferred files against third-party intrusions. Clients can implement integrity checks to validate transferred files before calling the Complete method. To get notification when a file is transferred, implement the IBackgroundCopyCallback2::FileTransferred method. Inside the callback, call the IBackgroundCopyFile3::GetTemporaryName method to get the name of the temporary file that contains the downloaded content. Validate the contents and then call the IBackgroundCopyFile3::SetValidationState method to indicate if the content is valid. If the content is not valid and BITS downloaded the file from the origin server, the job goes in the error state. If the job was downloaded from a peer, BITS downloads the file from the origin server.

Note  BITS supports up to four simultaneous notifications per user. If one or more applications block all four notifications for a user from returning, an application running as the same user will not receive notifications until one or more of the blocking notifications return. To reduce the chance that your callback blocks other notifications, keep your implementation short.


See the example code for the IBackgroundCopyCallback interface.


Minimum supported client Windows XP
Minimum supported server Windows Server 2003
Target Platform Windows
Header bits.h

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