ICcgDomainAuthCredentials::GetPasswordCredentials method (ccgplugins.h)

Returns credentials to authenticate a non-domain joined container with Active Directory.


HRESULT GetPasswordCredentials(
  LPCWSTR pluginInput,
  LPWSTR  *domainName,
  LPWSTR  *username,
  LPWSTR  *password



An input string passed in by the container runtime. The client implementation uses the provided input string to retrieve authentication credentials, typically from a secure storage provider, that are returned in the output parameters. The input string is provided to the Host Compute Services (HCS) in a credential specification file. For more information, see the Remarks section.


The domain name for the credentials


The user name for the credentials.


The password for the credentials.

Return value

The return value is an HRESULT. A value of S_OK indicates the call was successful.


The API may be called concurrently. Therefore, the developer needs to ensure that their implementation is thread safe. Additionally, the COM object will be activated out-of-proc and it must be registered appropriately.

The implementer must add a key under “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\CCG\COMClasses” for their COM CLSID. Write access to “CCG\COMClasses” is restricted to SYSTEM and Administrator accounts.

The following is an example credential specification file. For information on supplying this file to Docker, see Run a container with a gMSA.

    "CmsPlugins": [
    "DomainJoinConfig": {
        "Sid": "S-1-5-21-3700119848-2853083131-2094573802",
        "MachineAccountName": "gmsa1",
        "Guid": "630a7dd3-2d3e-4471-ae91-1d9ea2556cd5",
        "DnsTreeName": "contoso.com",
        "DnsName": "contoso.com",
        "NetBiosName": "CONTOSO"
    "ActiveDirectoryConfig": {
        "GroupManagedServiceAccounts": [
                "Name": "gmsa1",
                "Scope": "contoso.com"
                "Name": "gmsa1",
                "Scope": "CONTOSO"
        "HostAccountConfig": {
            "PortableCcgVersion": "1",
            "PluginGUID": "{CFCA0441-511D-4B2A-862E-20348A78760B}",
            "PluginInput": "contoso.com:gmsaccg:<password>"


The following example shows a simple implementation of ICcgDomainAuthCredentials. Note that, for illustrative purposes, this sample obtains the credentials by simply parsing the input string. A real-world implementation would store the credentials in a secure data store and use the input string to locate the credential information. Also, the standard COM method implementations have been omitted from this sample for brevity.

// UUID generated by the developer
class CCGStubPlugin : public RuntimeClass<RuntimeClassFlags<RuntimeClassType::ClassicCom>, ICcgDomainAuthCredentials >
    CCGStubPlugin() {}

    ~CCGStubPlugin() {}

    IFACEMETHODIMP GetPasswordCredentials(
        _In_ LPCWSTR pluginInput,
        _Outptr_ LPWSTR *domainName,
        _Outptr_ LPWSTR *username,
        _Outptr_ LPWSTR *password)
        std::wstring domainParsed, userParsed, passwordParsed; 
            if(domainName == NULL || username == NULL || password == NULL)
                return STG_E_INVALIDPARAMETER;
            *domainName = NULL;
            *username = NULL;
            *password = NULL;
            wstring pluginInputString(pluginInput);
            if (count(pluginInputString.begin(), pluginInputString.end(), ':') < 2)
                return CO_E_NOT_SUPPORTED;
            // Extract creds of this format Domain:Username:Password
            size_t sep1 = pluginInputString.find(L":");
            size_t sep2 = pluginInputString.find(L":", sep1 + 1);
            domainParsed = pluginInputString.substr(0, sep1);
            userParsed = pluginInputString.substr(sep1 + 1, sep2 - sep1 - 1);
            passwordParsed = pluginInputString.substr(sep2 + 1);
        catch (...)
            return EVENT_E_INTERNALERROR;

        auto userCo = wil::make_cotaskmem_string_nothrow(userParsed.c_str());
        auto passwordCo = wil::make_cotaskmem_string_nothrow(passwordParsed.c_str());
        auto domainCo = wil::make_cotaskmem_string_nothrow(domainParsed.c_str());
        if (userCo == nullptr || passwordCo == nullptr || domainCo == nullptr)
            return STG_E_INSUFFICIENTMEMORY;

        *domainName = domainCo.release();
        *username = userCo.release();
        *password = passwordCo.release();
        return S_OK;


Requirement Value
Minimum supported client Windows 10 Build 20348
Minimum supported server Windows 10 Build 20348
Header ccgplugins.h

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