VIRTUALCHANNELOPEN callback function (cchannel.h)

Opens the client end of a virtual channel.

Remote Desktop Services provides a pointer to a VirtualChannelOpen function in the CHANNEL_ENTRY_POINTS structure passed to your VirtualChannelEntry entry point.


VIRTUALCHANNELOPEN Virtualchannelopen;

UINT VCAPITYPE Virtualchannelopen(
  [in]  LPVOID pInitHandle,
  [out] LPDWORD pOpenHandle,
  [in]  PCHAR pChannelName,
  [in]  PCHANNEL_OPEN_EVENT_FN pChannelOpenEventProc


[in] pInitHandle

Handle to the client connection. This is the handle returned in the ppInitHandle parameter of the VirtualChannelInit function.

[out] pOpenHandle

Pointer to a variable that receives a handle that identifies the open virtual channel in subsequent calls to the VirtualChannelWrite and VirtualChannelClose functions.

[in] pChannelName

Pointer to a null-terminated ANSI character string containing the name of the virtual channel to open. The name must have been registered when the client called the VirtualChannelInit function.

[in] pChannelOpenEventProc

Pointer to an application-defined VirtualChannelOpenEvent function that Remote Desktop Services calls to notify the client DLL of events for this virtual channel.

Return value

If the function succeeds, the return value is CHANNEL_RC_OK.

If an error occurs, the function returns one of the following values.


The client DLL cannot call this function until the client has established a connection with an RD Session Host server. Your VirtualChannelInitEvent function receives a CHANNEL_EVENT_CONNECTED notification when an RD Session Host server connection is established.


Requirement Value
Minimum supported client Windows Vista
Minimum supported server Windows Server 2008
Target Platform Windows
Header cchannel.h

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