CM_Get_Device_Interface_Property_KeysW function (cfgmgr32.h)

The CM_Get_Device_Interface_Property_Keys function retrieves an array of device property keys that represent the device properties that are set for a device interface.


CMAPI CONFIGRET CM_Get_Device_Interface_Property_KeysW(
  [in]            LPCWSTR    pszDeviceInterface,
  [out, optional] DEVPROPKEY *PropertyKeyArray,
  [in, out]       PULONG     PropertyKeyCount,
  [in]            ULONG      ulFlags


[in] pszDeviceInterface

Pointer to a string that identifies the device interface instance to retrieve the property keys from.

[out, optional] PropertyKeyArray

Pointer to a buffer that receives an array of DEVPROPKEY-typed values, where each value is a device property key that represents a device property that is set for the device interface. The pointer is optional and can be NULL

[in, out] PropertyKeyCount

The size, in DEVPROPKEY-typed units, of the PropertyKeyArray buffer. If PropertyKeyArray is set to NULL, *PropertyKeyCount must be set to zero. As output, if PropertyKeyArray is not large enough to hold all the property key data, CM_Get_Device_Interface_Property_Keys returns the count of the keys, in *PropertyKeyCount.

[in] ulFlags

Reserved. Must be set to zero.

Return value

If the operation succeeds, the function returns CR_SUCCESS. Otherwise, it returns one of the CR_-prefixed error codes defined in Cfgmgr32.h.


CM_Get_Device_Interface_Property_Keys is part of the Unified Device Property Model.


Requirement Value
Minimum supported client Available in Microsoft Windows Vista and later versions of Windows.
Target Platform Universal
Header cfgmgr32.h (include Cfgmgr32.h)
Library Cfgmgr32.lib

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