CM_Set_DevNode_Registry_PropertyW function (cfgmgr32.h)

The CM_Set_DevNode_Registry_Property function sets a specified device property in the registry.


CMAPI CONFIGRET CM_Set_DevNode_Registry_PropertyW(
  [in]           DEVINST dnDevInst,
  [in]           ULONG   ulProperty,
  [in, optional] PCVOID  Buffer,
  [in]           ULONG   ulLength,
  [in]           ULONG   ulFlags


[in] dnDevInst

A caller-supplied device instance handle that is bound to the local machine.

[in] ulProperty

A CM_DRP_-prefixed constant value that identifies the device property to be set in the registry. These constants are defined in Cfgmgr32.h.

[in, optional] Buffer

A pointer to a caller-supplied buffer that supplies the requested device property, formatted appropriately for the property's data type.

[in] ulLength

The length, in bytes, of the supplied device property.

[in] ulFlags

Not used, must be zero.

Return value

If the operation succeeds, the function returns CR_SUCCESS. Otherwise, it returns one of the CR_-prefixed error codes that are defined in Cfgmgr32.h.


For information about how to use device instance handles that are bound to the local machine, see CM_Get_Child.


Requirement Value
Minimum supported client Available starting with Microsoft Windows 2000.
Target Platform Universal
Header cfgmgr32.h (include Cfgmgr32.h)
Library Cfgmgr32.lib

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