eAVEncVideoChromaSubsampling enumeration (codecapi.h)

Specifies chroma siting. Chroma siting defines the positions of the chroma samples relative to the luma samples. This enumeration is used with the AVEncVideoInputChromaSubsampling and AVEncVideoOutputChromaSubsampling properties.


typedef enum eAVEncVideoChromaSubsampling {
  eAVEncVideoChromaSubsamplingFormat_SameAsSource = 0,
  eAVEncVideoChromaSubsamplingFormat_ProgressiveChroma = 0x8,
  eAVEncVideoChromaSubsamplingFormat_Horizontally_Cosited = 0x4,
  eAVEncVideoChromaSubsamplingFormat_Vertically_Cosited = 0x2,
  eAVEncVideoChromaSubsamplingFormat_Vertically_AlignedChromaPlanes = 0x1
} ;


Value: 0
Use the same chroma siting as the input video. This flag applies to the AVEncVideoOutputChromaResolution property only. This flag may not be combined with other flags.
Value: 0x8
Chroma should be reconstructed as if the underlying video was progressive content, rather than skipping fields or applying chroma filtering to minimize artifacts from reconstructing 4:2:0 interlaced chroma.
Value: 0x4
Chroma samples are aligned horizontally with multiples of the luma samples.
Value: 0x2
Chroma samples are aligned vertically with multiples of the luma samples.
Value: 0x1
The chroma planes have the same phase alignment. It is not valid to omit this flag unless the data is vertically cosited. If the data is not vertically cosited, this flag is required. If this flag is absent, the Cb and Cr samples are sited on alternate lines. For example, interlaced PAL DV video uses non-aligned chroma planes.


Minimum supported client Windows 2000 Professional [desktop apps | UWP apps]
Minimum supported server Windows 2000 Server [desktop apps | UWP apps]
Header codecapi.h

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